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The Last Diet

By Eric Phillips

Diets are everywhere and the internet has put us all on  information overload. It's tempting to bounce from diet to diet and buy into "promising" supplements. A diet is a lifestyle with consistency being the key ingredient to success. The Last Diet was written to be the last investment you ever make in diet information.


What does EAT even mean?

EAT is a mindset, a mentality, an attitude of dominance. When we EAT, we don't merely participate, we don't show up to go through the motions, we lead, we set the tone. When we EAT, we empty the tank, we commit everything we have, we leave absolutely no doubt.  When we EAT we are fearless, our vision is clear, we understand that there is nothing that will stand in the way of our success.



Burn Fat Now!

This workout is the ultimate fat burner.  Our killer combo of exercises will have you seeing results in no time 

45 Minutes

Fun Filled Sessions

We work hard and have a blast while doing it. The elements of a party sprinkled into game changing workouts 

1000% Effort

Be The Best You

Our style of training will bring the best out of you. These workouts will make you stronger both physically and mentally


What Client's Say

Success Stories

Soooooo.....legitimately down five pounds. Not sure where but it's confirmed. You're so awesome!


From 148 to 127.9 lbs. Thanks to this guy I've now lost 20 lbs.  If you've become "Covid fluffy" and are looking for a personal trainer reach out to Eric. #grateful


Hey dude so it's just been a month and I'm already feeling and seeing results. I've had to tighten my belt a notch! Still a long way to my goal but seeing that is motivating.


Another workout complete. Goal weight loss accomplished!! (10 pounds since April--which was a struggle due to my body type) Now time for the fun part...Muscle building! Let's eat!


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