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The Last Diet

By Eric Phillips

Diets are everywhere and the internet has put us all on  information overload. It's tempting to bounce from diet to diet and buy into "promising" supplements. A diet is a lifestyle with discipline being the key ingredient to success. The Last Diet was written to be the last investment you ever make in diet information.


Find your way to fitness success!

Build The Foundation

The journey of you starts with a strong foundation.

Master Basic Principles

Setting a foundation goes hand and hand with mastering the basic principles of health & wellness.

The Big 3

There are 3 things that stand between you and any fitness goal you'll ever have. Do you know them? 


Author & Trainer

My name is coach Eric and I love what I do!

Read my story here.

I wrote "The Last Diet" eBook to give solid context to people who want to change their life. A true wellness journey is not a "get fit quick" journey - and any coach or program who sells you that idea, is only after your money. They don't care about you! I'm here for the journey of you. 

This e-book is context that will not change with internet diet hype. It's solid truths that will set you up for a successful life of wellness. 

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