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A Bit About Me

My name is Coach Eric and I love what I do! 

After years of being unhappy in corporate America, I decided to make a change that would forever define my life. I left the 9-5 cubical world behind and dedicated my life to becoming the best fitness Trainer/Coach I could possibly be.  

I resigned from Fire & Theft claim investigations and took an unpaid strength & conditioning coaching internship at a large university.  I had done several of these internships in the past but this time was different. This time I was all in.  You see, in the past I had always had a plan b, an exit strategy, a 'just in case this doesn't work' mentality. But this time I knew that I was finally going to give everything I had to become what I've always wanted to be.  

Once upon a time I graduated with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science from Frostburg State University in western Maryland.  Coming out of school I had every intention on pursuing my dream of becoming a strength & conditioning coach for a prominent university or professional sports team; then reality hit. That process was going to take quite a while and patience, at that particular time was something I lacked.  

I took the safe route and landed myself a cushy office job at a fortune 500 company.  A few years later and now at a different company I seemingly found myself in a trap.  I had a great job, at a great company, with great benefits and I was absolutely miserable.  At its lowest point it made me physically sick going to work each day.  Just the thought of work disgusted me. It would be crazy to leave the safety of a salaried position, with opportunities to advance, 3 weeks paid vacation and a guaranteed bonus every year right? The situation I found myself in was debilitating.  

There were a ton of factors and emotions that went into making the decision that would forever change my life but none more compelling than the thought of regret.  Regret is a powerful feeling. A feeling that sits deep down in your soul. I should of, could of, would of.  The thought of this feeling haunting me for the rest of my life just didn't sit well. I knew that no matter what happened I could live with failure but the feeling of regret would be a different monster.  

Fast forward, here we are.  I'm a full time trainer and couldn't be happier.  I live to help people achieve their fitness goals.  I'm beyond fulfilled.  The future is tremendously bright.

My name is Coach Eric and I love what I do! 


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